Sport Massage Therapy in Barnstaple, North Devon

Specialist Exercise Instructor, GP Referral & Injury Rehabilitation Consultant

Based at floor ONE 24 hour fitness (Opposite Barnstaple Library)

Andrew Buller – Sport Massage Therapist is based in Barnstaple, North Devon specialising in sports injuries and non sports related injuries and been practicing since April 2007. With years of experience as a sport massage therapist, specialist exercise instructor and GP referral consultant combined with continuous professional development: Including Sport Therapists, Physio Therapists and Sports Osteopaths. Andrew has gained extensive knowledge in Anatomy & Physiology, Biomechanics, Musculo-Skeletal Neurology & Pathology plus Exercise Physiology and Psychology. This knowledge enables Andrew to carry out a thorough consultation and assessment, propose a treatment plan and/or exercise referral of…


Ankle Sprain (PDF)


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#COPD Exercise Referral
#Stroke Exercise Referral
DVT Post Exercise Referral (PDF)



…and many more…


Each initial consultation and assessment will create a proposed treatment plan, every individual is unique and occasionally as first point of call should be guided by a medical professional. After the assessment if Andrew feels the need for a second opinion from a medical professional, as health care professionals we have a duty of care to refer for further assessment. Working with medical professional for each persons health & well-being, together promoting the road back to recovery.


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Sport Therapy in Barnstaple, North Devon

Sport Therapy is an effective treatment for a wide range of sports injuries & non sport related injuries. The main focus is injury prevention or if injured to provide a quick and sustainable recovery for  people of all ages and abilities back to an optimum level.

Sport Therapy treats the cause of these sports injuries and non sport related injuries, not the symptoms, thereby fixing the issue, not simply covering it up.

Every sports injury and non related sports injury is unique to its form of occurance and road back to performance. Everybody qualifies to be treated by a Sport Therapist.

Sport Massage Benefits

Improved circulation & lymphatic flow

Removable of unwanted toxins & lactic acid

Stimulation of nerve endings

Increased muscle tone, length, flexibility & joint suppleness


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Promotes recovery after physical activity

Remodeling of scar tissue

Stress relief

Increased physical & mental well-being



Andrew Buller

Sport Massage Therapist - Specialist Exercise Instructor, GP Referral & Injury Rehabilitation Consultant

Andrew begun his career as an exercise professional in May 2005. Writing exercise programmes (including sports injuries and non sport related injuries) and delivering exercise classes to varied ages and abilities.

May 2006 Andrew qualified as a GP Referral Consultant, since has provided specialist exercise referral for people living with and recovering from serious illnesses.

October 2006 Andrew qualified as a Sport Massage Therapist. After travelling to Australia he begun operating self-employed as a Sport Massage Therapist in April 2007, continuously developing to offer the highest level of service.

In October 2015 Andrew qualified as a level 4 specialist exercise instructor in exercise referral for people living with & beyond cancer. Now based at Barnstaple, North Devon, floor ONE 24 hour fitness as a Sport Massage Therapist, Andrew will be setting up specialist exercise classes for specific groups.

Professional Qualifications Exercise Qualifications
Sport Massage Therapy Specialist Exercise Instructor for people living with & beyond cancer – Level 4

GP Referral Consultant – Level 3

Gym Instructor – level 2

Neurological Testing Gymball Instructor – level 2
Joint Manipulation & Mobilisation SPINNING Instructor
Taping & Strapping Weight & Behavioral Management
First aid at work


Cardio Tennis Instructor

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Specialist Exercise Instructor, G.P Referral and Injury Rehabilitation Consultant

Based at floor ONE 24 hour fitness club (Opposite Barnstaple Library)

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FREE Injury Consultation & Assessment

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Sport Massage (Includes specialist treatment techniques & post care advice)

30 minutes £25
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Specialist Exercise Instruction and/or GP Referral Consultancy: Exercise programme, One to One, (Group Class coming soon) Please contact Andrew for more information

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