Sport Therapy

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Sport Therapy in Barnstaple, North Devon

Sport Therapy is an effective treatment for a wide range of sports injuries & non sport related injuries. The main focus is injury prevention or if injured to provide a quick and sustainable recovery for  people of all ages and abilities back to an optimum level.

Sport Therapy treats the cause of these sports injuries and non sport related injuries, not the symptoms, thereby fixing the issue, not simply covering it up.

Every sports injury and non related sports injury is unique to its form of occurance and road back to performance. Everybody qualifies to be treated by a Sport Therapist.

Sport Massage Benefits

Improved circulation & lymphatic flow

Removable of unwanted toxins & lactic acid

Stimulation of nerve endings

Increased muscle tone, length, flexibility & joint suppleness


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Promotes recovery after physical activity

Remodeling of scar tissue

Stress relief

Increased physical & mental well-being

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